Session Schedule

10:00 Welcome
10:15 Keynote Harald Baier on “Mankind and technology – challenges and perspectives of cybersecurity”
Room: C20/Room 00.04
11:00 Coffee break
11:20 Parallel Sessions
  Morning Session 1     Room C19/00.01     11:20 – 13:00
Computer Science : Big Data, Warehousing and Analysis
Chair : Paul Walsh
  Word Embedding Based Extension of Text Categorization Topic Taxonomies
Eljasik-Swoboda, Engel, Kaufmann, Hemmje
  Student-centric Learning Analytics: Putting analytics into the hands of students
Banyard, Vasileiou
  An Exploratory Data Analysis of the Ability of Western Musicians to Cope with Latency
Medina Victoria
  Value of Smart Data for Supply Chain Decisions in a Data Rich, Uncertain World
Sankaran, Knahl, Siestrup, Vasileiou
  Prepare a synopsis of the main findings of the session.
  Morning Session 2     Room C19/00.02     11:20 – 13:00
Business and Society
Chair : Udo Bleimann
  Measuring the Impact of Privacy Concerns, Perceived Risk and Trust on the Continuance Intention of Facebook Users by means of PLS-SEM
Taşkın, Taşkın
  The Future of Innovation Coaching in Product Engineering: A Systematic Approach to Deriving the Future Competence Profile and its Development through Strategic Potential Identification
Niever, Marthaler, Kosejian, Hahn, Albers
  A Survey of Automated Information Exchange Mechanisms Among CERTs
Yamin, Katt
  Dealing with Service Failure Smarter: The Critical Role of Customer Voice Management in Service Recovery Process
Nuansi, Ngamcharoenmongkol
  Prepare a synopsis of the main findings of the session.
  Morning Session 3    Room C20/00.03     11:20 – 13:00
Smart Factory and Robotics
Chair : Ingo Stengel
  What Is This Thing Called Use Case Inheritance?
  Determination of real-time operating data by means of pattern recognition from energy profile in production
Nicklas, Jachmann, Helt, Rogalski
  Framework for requirement analysis in the design of collaborative robots on construction sides
  E-Waste & the Circular Economy: An Irish SME Context
O’Farrell, Wright
  Prepare a synopsis of the main findings of the session.
  Morning Session 4    Room C20/00.04     11:20 – 13:00
Nature Science and Engineering
Chair : Martin Moneke
  Simultaneous PIV/SO2-PLIF imaging in multi-regime combustion processes
Butz, Walther, Breicher, Hartl, Hasse, Dreizler, Geyer
  A Survey of Fire Loads for Different Room Types found in a Third Level Educational Building
Doyle, Macilwraith
  The effect of microwave irradiation on hard rock as pre-treatment to increase the efficiency of underground mining
Cemhan, Kelly, Schmitt
  Air flow and heat exchange simulation of a rotary heat exchanger of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as a sustainable alternative for aluminum
Ganzwind, Hammermeister, Dolata, Nebel, Schröder
  Prepare a synopsis of the main findings of the session.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Parallel Sessions
  Afternoon Session 1    Room C19/00.01     14:00 – 16:00
Business and Society
Chair : Stefanie Regier
  “Pricing Game” for tacit collusion and Passive Investment
  The Acceptance of Automatic Emergency Call Systems for Cars
Regier, Sadikaj, Shabani, Stengel
  The Influence of Internet Celebrities (Wanghongs) on Social Media Users in China
Chang, Woo
  Multi-project sequencing in the retail sector
Karakilic, Connor, Thümmel
  Digital empathy secures Frankenstein’s monster
Bond, Engel, Fuchs, Hemmje, McKevitt, McTear, Mulvenna, Walsh, Zheng
  Towards Digital Knowledge Transfer in Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Enterprises
Filipenko, Hoffmann, Krebs, Löw, Menner, Pistoll, Priesmeier, Schneider
  Prepare a synopsis of the main findings of the session.
  Afternoon Session 2    Room C19/00.02     14:00 – 16:00
Computer Science : Visual Computing
Chair : Orla Flynn
  Modular Novelty Detection System for Driving Scenarios
Rees, Senn, Brahma, Laubenheimer
  Immersive Shopping Presentation of Goods in Virtual Reality
Wölfel, Reinhardt
  What do serious games developers search online? A study of GameDev StackExchange
Tamla, Böhm, Nawroth, Hemmje, Fuchs
  Improving Network Configurations by the Analysis of Bipartite Geometric Network Structures in the Euclidean Vector Spaces R2 and R3
  Survey: Software Search in Serious Games Development
Tamla, Böhm, Gaisbachgrabner, Mertens, Hemmje, Fuchs
  Prepare a synopsis of the main findings of the session.
  Afternoon Session 3    Room C20/00.03     14:00 – 16:00
Smart Healthcare and Safety Systems
Chair : Jens-Peter Akelbein
  Current Cybersecurity Maturity Models: How Effective in Healthcare Cloud?
Akinsanya, Papadaki, Sun
  Anonymizing clinical and genetic data of patients with minimum information loss
Dimitrios, Mpouras
  Demonstrating Machine Learning for Cancer Diagnostics
Walsh, Lynch, Kelly, Palu, Gigliotta, Fuccio
  MindManager: The Psychologically Informed App to Manage Weight Loss
Donovan, Walsh, Bowden
  Machine Learning for Melanoma Management in a Clinical Setting
Walsh, Lynch, Kelly, Manning
  Prepare a synopsis of the main findings of the session.
  Afternoon Session 4    Room C20/00.04     14:00 – 16:00
Computer Science : Internet of Things, Networks and Security
Chair : Steve Furnell
  Evaluation of hardware requirements for device management of constrained nodes based on the LWM2M standard
Schmelzer, Akelbein
  Scene-Adaptive Optimization Scheme for Depth Sensor Networks
Wetzel, Zeitvogel, Laubenheimer, Heizmann
  Beamforming Techniques Performance Evaluation for 5G massive MIMO Systems
Stepanets, Fokin, Müller
  Fast Predictive Maintenance in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with Deep Learning (DL): A Review
Rieger, Regier, Stengel, Clarke
  Low cost high resolution ampere meter for automated power tests for constrained devices
Hoss, Westmeier, Akelbein
  Recommendations for developing safety-related systems with graphical languages
Berezowski, Haid, Hartmann
  Prepare a synopsis of the main findings of the session.
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Closing Session : Presentation of Session Pitches
Room: C20/Room 00.04
17:30 Conference closing
19:00 Buffet conference dinner incl. awarding ceremony for best paper award and best presentation award
Location : High-rise building (C10) ground floor (“Glaskasten”)